Banepa is situated about 26 kilometers east of Kathmandu in Nepal. Banepa is considered to be a significant trade-route town to Tibet. Dhulikhel is 5km to the east, the temple town of Panauti is about 7km south and Nala is 3km to the northwest.

This is a beautiful town surrounded by the green hills and panoramic view of the Himalayas. The main attraction of Banepa is the temple of Chandeshwori, located approximately 1 km northeast of the town along the Rudramati River. The Dhaneshwor Temple is 1 km south of the town. Also Banepa is well known for its eight different temples and lot of festivals are celebrated in Banepa, including the Chandeshwori Jatra, the kanya-puja (worshipping of the young girls), Nawadurga Jatra (Fish-catching festival), Ganesh Jatra, and Bhimshen Jatra. The old part of the town in the northwest side of town has some interesting buildings and squares.

Banepa is home to the Scheer Memorial Hospital, established by Seventh-day Adventists in 1957 and later developed into a medical college that is supported by the Vanderbilt University of the USA together with the Kathmandu University.

Regular buses depart to Banepa from the Kathmandu City bus station(Ratna Park) and take two hours and continue on to Dhulikhel and beyond. Buses to Panauti turn off the Arniko Highway at the main Banepa junction.