Cultural Exchange

Nepal is rich in culture. Nepal’s culture consists of the social customs and traditions. Nepal has a unique culture, in short, is a country where art, culture and religion are a part of life of the inhabitants. People celebrate every moment with aroma, adding novelty to the traditions without affecting their essence.

Culture Exchange program is targeted to anyone who has a keen interest in Nepali culture. This program offer volunteers, the chance to live with a Nepali family in a small rural village or in city for the duration of their stay. During the stay the cultural exchange participant will celebrate traditional Nepalese festivals and learn their meaning and history. Volunteers will be able to exchange information about their own culture with local people. Knowledge of your home culture and an interest in and respect for local cultural practices is important. Volunteers will gain cross-cultural experience through this program.

Home stay and cultural exchange programs are best organised from August to December which is the time when most large Nepali festivals take place. This makes for an overall more exciting experience for the volunteer.

Nepalese culture is characterised by its generosity and openness and you will feel at home as part of the family in your home stay.

Volunteers will receive an orientation in Kathmandu which consist of Nepalese language and culture with other fellow volunteers before travelling to their placement.

As a part of the home stay and cultural exchange program you will also have the opportunity to participate in variety of adventure activities including trekking in the himalaya, jungle and elephant safari and white water rafting.