Health Care – Medical Elective

Healthcare Improvement Program

Each year, many Nepalese die or suffer unnecessarily due to lack of health education and access to adequate health care resources. The sick in the mountain regions or villages sometimes die long before a physician can even diagnose. Because of the poor transportation, patients often have to be hand-carried in bamboo baskets to the nearest health center, often many miles from their village.

Hope and Home promotes sustainable solutions to world poverty and disparity through global partnerships in development, education, health, and service.

Individuals with special knowledge in the following areas are always needed.

• Primary Care and General Medicine
• General Dentistry/ Oral Surgery
• Pediatrics
• Gynecology and Women’s Health
• Health Education

HOPE and HOME is working to address these issues by sponsoring village level community health initiatives, to do this we need volunteers who can train Nepalese health workers as well as provide direct health care services.

Our Medicine projects are an invaluable preparation for a career in medicine. You will experience the stark contrast between Western medical practice and the realities of medicine in developing countries. Sadly, you will also see medical conditions that have remained untreated and have developed to an advanced pathological stage uncommon in developed countries

The key requirements in a medical volunteer are initiative, enthusiasm, and readiness to work in unfamiliar circumstances – a surgery with minimal equipment, an understaffed hospital, a clinic for leprosy or tuberculosis patients. This program has the potential to give you plenty of hands-on experience and exposure to the medical field.

As per the Immigration law of Nepal Government, foreign volunteers can work in Nepal in a non-tourist visa ( There is not any special volunteer visa system ). The non tourist visa can be obtain for a period of one year at one time. The duration of any volunteer should be for a period of minimum six months. It is long procedure which may take more than 3 months in Kathmandu.

The Nepal government does not require the doctors to have malpractice insurance before volunteering. The volunteer visa will not be provided for a short period (less than 6 months). But a person can work as a volunteer in a tourist visa after having an agreement (can be verbal) with the concerning placement or NGO and with a permission of local administration.

For the some Hospital, a medical doctor, EMT can register in Nepal Medical council. A dentist can also register in Nepal Medical council since there is no dental council in Nepal. They have to send the all testimonials copy along with Photo (passport size) and good standing letter to the Hospital and subsequently the Hospital will make a recommendation to the Medical Council for your registration as a volunteer. The registration charge will be 7000 NRS approximately USD $100 .

More Tips and Information:

• Project start:
• The projects run all throughout the year. Therefore your project will start on an individual date depending on actual openings and your schedule.
• Time of arrival:
• It is quite comfortable to arrive a few days before the start of your project. You will have enough time to recover from the journey and to do the first trips. This allows you to acclimatize and to get to know your host family, the country and the people.